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Do I have to pay for days my child does
not attend?


How much does daycare cost?
This depends on the age of your child, whether or not you qualify for subsidy, and whether subsidized spaces are available. A fee schedule is available in the centre's Parent Policy Manual.

Do I qualify for Subsidy?
This is a question for Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care (http://www.gov.mb.ca/childcare).

Who should I talk to about my bill?

Melissa is the director at Taché Community Day Care. She is responsible for parent fees and payments.

When are my parent fees due?
Parent fees are due the 1st and 20th of every month. When the 1st or 20th falls on a weekend parent fees are due the Friday before.

How do I pay my bill?
A cheque box is provided at both locations. At the main centre it is mounted on the wall beside the office. At the school-age centre it is located on the parent table at the bottom of the stairs.

What happens if I am late picking up
my child?

After 5:45 a late fee of $10.00 per child is charged for the first fifteen minutes. $1.00 per child is charged for every minute thereafter. Please note that a late fee is aso charged whenever a child is present at the centre for over ten hours.