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Who at the centre do I speak to if I have a problem?
This depends on the nature of your problem. For example, questions about billing/fees are best directed at the office while questions about programming are best directed at room staff. You should speak to whomever you feel most comfortable. This person can advise you on the next step should one be necessary.

How do I know what the centre is having each day for lunch or snack?

A complete menu for Taché Community Day Care is always posted at both centre locations. Look on the information bulletin boards near each centre entrance. It is also always available online.

Do I provide sunscreen/bug spray or is it provided by the centre?
The centre does not automatically provide sunscreen or bug spray. Families bring their own sunscreen OR use the centre's for an additional charge. All bug spray comes from home.

In bad weather how will I know if the
centre is open?

Call the center answering machine(s) after 6:30 am to learn about center closures. Information will be available on CJOB Radio or website (http://www.cjob/Community/Cancellations) and on the Seine River School Division website (http://srsd.mb.ca).

Does the centre have different hours for holidays?
The center is closed for all statutory holidays. The center will let parents know about
possible additional days (ie. Christmas).

What does the centre do in the event of serious emergencies (ie. tornado, fire, etc.)?
Please refer to the Safety Plans for your child's respective centre for the answer to this question They are available online under "About Us".