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How do I know what my child does/learns each day?
Each room has a white board on which staff write daily activities and notices. Advanced warning will be given regarding any upcoming special events.

What is Emergent Curriculum?
Emergent curriculum is a dynamic, child centered approach to education in which learning arises
out of each child's interests, actions, or serendipitous events. It focuses on play as the ideal “work” for young children. Through careful observation and documentation, learning is facilitated by expanding, developing, or slightly modifying the independent activities they choose.

What is a natural playground?
Natural playgrounds are miniture landscapes. They have hills, plantings, paths, caves, and other elements to invite discovery, play, and learning while bonding with nature. Natural playgrounds are sometimes called nature parks, play parks, or ecological parks.

How do I know the current "emergent" topic my child is studying?
Each room records its current curriculum in a web. It is usually located near a central meeting location and looks like a bubble chart.

Where can I find more information about the programming done in my child's room?
To find more information about the programming done in your child's room talk to individual room staff and/or refer the "Programs" page of this website.

Does my child have to play outside when
it is very cold or hot?

Manitoba Child Daycare requires children to go outside for at least 30 minutes everyday.
Exceptions exist when the temperature falls below -25oC (including windchill), or when the UV
or humidex levels are high or uncomfortable.